Saturday, May 16, 2009

2 Crocheted Blankes

I had so many projects going for a while that I thought I might try crocheting to help me get done a bit faster (each crocheted row is about 3/4 of an inch, whereas I have to knit about 12 rows for every two crocheted rows). I forgot to factor in that I am not a good crocheter and that I don't enjoy it as much. I am left handed, but I knit and crochet like a right handed person because I've never been able to reverse all of the instructions. I think crocheting it just too much work for my right hand. The blanket on top is for a good friend who just had her third baby. I loved both the colors and the stitch pattern, which again, I took from the Japanese Moyo book at the bottom of my blog (the tan book). Although I didn't love the crocheting, the blanket is really pretty and something I might make again. The second pattern is for someone at work who was about to have a little boy (I say about to, but by the time I got this one finished, the baby was 6 months old-I'm so ashamed!). I did it in a dark country blue, using one of the patterns from the blue Japanese pattern book (I do use other books, but I love these two books and always go there first). I was a pretty stitch, which I found kind of difficult to do consistently and probably wouldn't do it again.
We were having camera issues the day I gave away the blue blanket, so I didn't get a great picture. Hopefully this photo shows at least some of the texture.

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